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Facebook bans users from linking to YouTube alternative Brighteon after it hosted Judy Mikovits Plandemic doc

Facebook says linking to the site violates its "Community Standards."

After the much-maligned documentary Plandemic went viral on, has made the decision to block all links to this video platform regardless of its content.

The most controversial case of censorship during the whole coronavirus pandemic has been the Plandemic documentary that presents Dr. Judy Mikovits talking about what she says are the dangers of an eventual COVID-19 vaccine.

The short documentary was popular on , but as soon as it went viral, the platform deleted it. The same thing happened on other platforms, such as Facebook, which has tried to block any reference to it.

In the wake of censorship on mainstream platforms, YouTube alternatives began to host the video – one of which was

However, more than Facebook not wanting to host the documentary, they also will now not even let users link to any video on the site.

As of the time of writing, trying to link to any video on Brighteon results in the following message:

In the face of so much of what they say is “conspiracy” content, technology giants such as Facebook or YouTube have chosen to allow only that content authorized by the , so any video or publication that does not comply with the information from this international entity is at risk of being removed.

Facebook’s CEO this week justified the company’s decision to remove content from the platform, even if they don’t believe the content would lead to physical harm, but has yet to comment on Facebook’s decision to block users from linking to content on competing platforms.

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