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Google program manager: corporations are “playing God”, and “taking away freedom of speech”

Another insider highlights the bias inside Big Tech companies.


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In an undercover video released by investigative reporting group Project Veritas, Cloud Technical Program Manager, Ritesh Lakhkar, provided more testimony on anti-conservative bias inside Google and discussed how the company skews its search results in favor of Democrats because of a hatred of President Trump and his association with the GOP.

When a Project Veritas journalist asked Lakhkar why search results for are negative but search results for Democratic presidential candidate are positive, Lakhkar said: “It's skewed by the owners and drivers of the algorithm.”

Lakhkar also suggested that the manipulation of the search results could be part of a pay-to-play deal.

“If I say, ‘Hey Google. Here's another two billion dollars, feed this data set of whenever Joe Biden is searched, you'll get these results,” Lakhkar said.

When pressed further on why Google Search results seem to favor Democrats, Lakhkar continued:

“The wind is blowing toward Democrats because GOP equals Trump and Trump equals GOP. Everyone hates it, even though GOP may have good traits, no one wants to acknowledge them right now. So the wind is blowing in toward Democrats, so let's skew the results towards Democrats.”

Lakhkar also described Google as the worst corporation he's worked for when it comes to “following the leftist agenda.”

According to Lakhkar, “politics didn't really matter” when he worked for other corporations but at Google, “your opinions matter more than your work.”

Lakhkar explained how deep-rooted this leftist agenda is in the workplace at Google by reflecting on the way Google's employees and its human resources (HR) department reacted to Trump's victory in 2016:

“People were crying in the corridors at Google. There were protests. There were marches. There were like I guess, group therapy sessions for employees. Organized by HR.”

Google even told employees not to come to work on some days so that they could “cool off” from the “shocking event” of Trump being elected President, according to Lakhkar.

Lakhkar also slammed Google and the other tech giants for “playing selective God” by flagging and deleting Trump's posts for “misinformation” yet allowing similar content from Democratic leaders to remain.

“I disagree with the corporations playing God and taking away freedom of speech on both sides,” he added.

Lakhkar's comments on Google's internal response to the election of President Trump are reflective of Google co-founder Sergey Brin's statements to employees shortly after the 2016 presidential election where he acknowledged that most people at the company were “pretty upset and pretty sad” about the election result.

They're also the latest of numerous statements from current and former Google employees who have spoken out about anti-conservative bias at the company and the company's manipulation of search results.

In addition to the statements, many leaked documents and reports have pointed to Google skewing its search results. In fact, a recent report from Breitbart News showed that the site's Google search impressions for Biden-related search terms had dropped from thousands of impressions per day to zero.

Research from psychologist and search engine expert Dr. Robert Epstein has revealed that biased Google search results could have given Democrats up to 4.6 million votes in the 2018 US midterm elections.

And during his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee last year, Epstein predicted that if all the Big Tech companies support the same candidate, 15 million votes could be shifted to that candidate “without people's knowledge, and without leaving a paper trail for authorities to trace.”

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