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Ireland: Instagram bans former Xposé host Aisling O’Loughlin for “misinformation”

O’Loughlin has moved to Telegram.

has deleted the account of Irish TV presenter Aisling O’Loughlin for spreading COVID-19 and vaccine “misinformation.” The account was previously restricted, so that it was less likely to be found in searches.

In the past few months, O’Loughlin, former Xposé host, has posted on Instagram in a way that is disregarding or undermining measures such as lockdowns.

“Aisling O’Loughlin’s Instagram account has been permanently removed from our platform for repeatedly sharing harmful misinformation and fact-checked hoaxes related to the vaccine and Covid-19,” a spokesperson for Facebook confirmed.

“We are taking aggressive steps to fight harmful misinformation about Covid-19 and approved vaccines and remove violating content that is brought to our attention.”

Some of the information O’Loughlin has shared with her 27k Instagram followers include that COVID-19 vaccines are “experimental.”

A Facebook spokesperson told Reclaim The Net, after her account ban, that multiple of her posts had been removed for violating the platform’s “harmful misinformation policies.” Last month, the platform deprioritized her account in searches, making it less likely to be found in searches.

Speaking on her channel, O’Loughlin said:

“I didn’t mean to go all quiet on you the past few days. I know a lot has happened.

“So, I’ve finally been banned from Instagram. I mean, it was coming so not too surprised.

“But I think we got a lot done… We pumped out a lot of information that I think people really needed to hear and deserved to hear, especially if you’re going to take part in an experimental injection.

“I think as well, what happened with my Insta, I kind of welcome it in a sense that it’s a symbol of the way freedom of speech, free debate, open debate is being shut down.

“I think it’s alarming, I think we should be alarmed, I hope you’re alarmed out there and aren’t falling for the propaganda out there.”

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