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Man sells his baby for $11,000 and spends the cash on tipping female streamers

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A man in China sold his daughter to strangers for nearly $11,000 and used the cash to tip his favorite female hosts on live-streaming sites, a court says. He is now faced with trafficking charges.

The father has two children; a son and a daughter. After his wife absconded and left him and the children, the father said that he could no longer afford to raise them.

Known in official documents by just his surname Lu, the father is a resident of a town called Putian. According to the official report and detailed by local print newspaper Strait Metropolis Daily, it was revealed that the father of the girl met an older couple Mr. and Mrs. Chen located 68 miles away in the city of Fuzhou. As the older couple suffered from infertility and had also lost their child in 2017, they were eager to adopt a child.

Through a middleman, the older couple met the girl’s father to see the pictures and videos of the girl, after which they decided to adopt her. Within a month, the older couple paid 80,000 yuan ($11,000) to the father in the name of “nutrition fees” and signed an adoption contract as well.

The older couple created and submitted a fake birth certificate for the girl when applying for an ID, and it’s then that they were caught.

A court later revealed that the money accrued as “nutrition fees” was spent on several female streamers that hosted live streams on the Kuaishou streaming platform. As of now, the People’s Procuratorate of Jin’an District in Fuzhou has pressed charges of “child-trafficking” against Mr. Lu.

According to a recent study, it was revealed that the Chinese live-streaming market will be worth a whopping $15 billion by 2020. Moreover, the Chinese authorities are tightening the leash around such streaming sites to prevent vloggers, female-streamers to be specific, from wearing provocative attire to appeal to men.

The Chinese government has this year imposed a ban on female Chinese-strippers from wearing seductive clothing such as lingerie, sexy uniforms, see-through outfits, and flesh-colored or figure-hugging clothing.

Strangely, the Chinese government has also ordered the live-video streaming websites in the country to ban “suggestive” banana-eating performances by female streamers – something that was apparently common.

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