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OpenAI co-founder creates digital ID protocol

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Digital ID company World ID, created by OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman, claims to offer a “privacy-first” solution to the problem of verifiable identification. The project was created by OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman.

However, many remain skeptical about the overall idea of digital ID, and therefore about World ID as well.

The company claims that more than half of the global population lacks legally verifiable identification and wants to be the provider of that.

World ID describes itself as a self-sovereign and decentralized protocol that provides “proof of personhood” without putting any sensitive information of the holder at risk of being compromised.

The platform says it’s powered by zero-knowledge cryptography, an open protocol that provides developers with a software developer kit (SDK) to leverage the innovative digital identity solution.

Moreover, World ID claims it will become the largest network of authentic humans on the internet.

While World ID’s self-sovereign and decentralized protocol may appear innovative, it is unclear how much privacy users can truly expect as many of those pushing for the introduction actively want to remove the aspect of privacy and anonymous internet use.

Politicians around the world are already advocating for the end of anonymity so they can target dissent.

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