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Rumble Launches Rumble Cloud, a Cloud and Hosting Platform For Breaking Free of Big Tech

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Today came with a game-changing announcement from Rumble, a cloud services provider and a reputed video-sharing platform. Following a successful beta launch encrusted by the patronage of high-profile clients, Rumble Cloud, its newest “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) solution, has officially been unveiled to the public. Rumble Cloud’s primary mission: To act as a bulwark for open internet free from censorship and assert independence from the predatory pricing and restrictive measures of dominant companies.

Rumble, through its new Rumble Cloud, offers a much-needed alternative to Big Tech’s monopoly, allowing website owners, online creators, and online businesses to use an anti-censorship hosting provider.

This new offering comes as a breath of fresh air, liberating businesses from the constraints imposed by established industry giants. A slew of self-service cloud computing services, featuring crucial capabilities like Kubernetes, block and object storage, virtual private cloud options, virtual machines, and load balancers, are all bundled into Rumble Cloud, which also forms the technical spine of

Rumble Cloud aims to turn the tables against the traditional consumption-based models that have often left businesses grappling with unpredictable costs.

Truth Social, which leveraged Rumble Cloud for its hosting needs, and gyrated to the top position in the Apple App Store last year, stands testament to its remarkable service and performance.

“Rumble Cloud is essential in today’s market,” stated Devin Nunes, CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group, acknowledging its instrumental role in Truth Social’s accelerated growth.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign is another customer reaping the applause-worthy benefits of Rumble Cloud. Campaign Manager Amaryllis Kennedy believes in preserving the campaign’s inclusivity and neutrality: “Partisanship and censorship are threats to uniting the country. In almost every aspect of the campaign, we ask ourselves ‘How do we make choices that are the most inclusive and neutral so that everyone feels welcome?’ This includes our choices of business services to run the campaign. The new Rumble Cloud provides a neutral and independent cloud infrastructure to run our essential campaign applications, free of Big Tech and government censorship.”

Unveiling this disruptive solution, Rumble’s Chairman and CEO, Chris Pavlovski expressed his resolve to challenge the cloud market’s oligopoly.

“The cloud market is desperate for real competition that isn’t controlled by an oligopoly. Our cloud will bring top network speed and quality, but most importantly, we plan to disrupt the market with our pricing strategy,” said Pavlovski. “Just as our video platform has taken market share away from YouTube, we plan to do the exact same in the cloud market that Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have cornered.”

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